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  1. Lin says:

    I am satisfied with a private walking lesson, which was very practical to learn and prepare myself for fashion show. After the lesson, I started modeling in Paris and cat walking on several shows.

    2 hours of private lesson is worth the price (200€). I could learn the general info for the fashion & modeling industry in France, and plenty of training/cat walking which is essential to be a fashion model. As it is a private lesson, the lesson can be customized, so that I could also practice advanced techniques and simulations of the fashion show. It was a useful lesson and “fun”.

    The processes of booking and payment are not systematized but rather private. But the instructor is professional and all communications (booking, confirmations, etc…) were very clear and on time, so it was a reliable program for me.

    It is better to bring the training wear, I walked a lot and sweat even in winter! The lesson can be done in English, too!

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